Vaki Puzzles

Vaki puzzles are like sudoku in that the aim is to complete the grid so that every symbol appears once in every row and once in every column. However, in a vaki puzzle there are two symbols (in easier and harder puzzles a letter and a number) in each cell. These form a pair (for example A1) and each pair occurs once and only once in the completed grid (A1 is the same pair as 1A). In the 'numbers' vaki puzzles the pairs are pairs of digits and you have to work out which numbers form pairs with other numbers.

You make a move by selecting one of the numbers and then clicking a cell in the grid

Make your choice when you click Play Vaki Puzzle. 4x4 puzzles have 4 rows and 4 columns. You start the game with points, gain 50 points for every correct symbol you place, lose 1 point for every second you take to make a move, and lose 200 points should you make a mistake.